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Jun 15, 20243:00am

Marine Devos (Bijorhca): “Everything moves faster and trade shows need to adapt”

The director of the French trade show, specialized in jewelry, explains how the sector has changed and how the new rhythms are transforming fairs. 

Jan 21, 2020 — 8:06am

Marine Devos (Bijorhca): “Trade shows need to adapt”



Gold, precious gems and silver are Marine Devo’s everyday life. The director of French fair Bijorhca Paris, that was held in Porte de Versailles between January 17th and 20th, states that digitalization has made the jewelry sector move faster and has forced all its players, both brands, consumer and trade shows, to transform at the same rhythm. 


Mds: In a sector without seasons, what role do trade shows have?

Marine Devos: The seasons are disappearing in terms of climate change but designers keep desigidesigning new collections for every season. The trade shows are necessary for showing the new trends. Obviously I agree that there are no seasons anymore, but I think that the idea is to renew the collection.


Mds: How does the aceleration of the rythms of fashion impact the jewlery sector?

MD.: Everybody is discussing the same kind of issues. Everything goes much quicker and faster now and the trade shows are the reflect of the market. Everything moves faster and trade shows need to adapt. That is also the reason why there are a lot of jewlery companies in Bijorhca but also we have precious jewlery, but also companies that work with new materials as well as packaging companies, we take the new trends.


Mds: How does digitalisation impact in shows?

MD.: Distribution is totally disruptive now, people dont need need more intermediaries because they become a digital way of thinking. We believe that is the time to start talking and training brands and designers but also consumers to come to digitalisation. People can buy jewels online and pay online but they still need to have a physical space to know the brand.





Mds: How have the new generation habits affected the sector?

MD: The market is open to everyone, there is room for everyone. Obviously brands need to change their collections and renew, adapt and talk to the new consumers, like millennials. People buy not only by online, now they buy from social networks and companies have to adapt.  They have to change their way of thinking.


Mds: Will trade shows be open to the final consumer in the future?

MD.: This is something we are discussing. We need to find the proper time, but for the moment is not a confirmed decision. For the moment, Bijorhca remains a B2B event also because there are still more traditional distribution channels that keep on working and they work well. Now we are working in bringing influencers to come to the show for them to show new products to their followers.


Mds: Is the brand more important than the product?

MD: Depends on the designer, on who they want to target and how they want to work. I am not sure that is the case for everyone, it depends on how they want to be visible.





Mds: Jewlery sector in linked to craftenship, it is compatible with volumen?

MD: Yes. Bijorhca is the show of young designers and emerging brands, but also the well established brands that can follow with the volumen. It is also important to say that when someone comes to exhibit in the show, we ask them to be able to produce.


Mds: What are the main markets for the sector?

MD: In these edition, 60% of thecompanies are international. The balance is already quite hight in terms of internacional exhibitors. We are expecting 30% of international visitors mainly coming form Europe, but we also have some from the United States.

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