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The global fashion business journal

17 Feb 201915:33

h By Mds
15 Feb 2019 — 11:00
Sears, new turn: Lampert leaves the group after saving it

The now former president of the US department store group explained that it is not about a disagreement with the company, but the completion of the completion of the group.

h By S. Riera
15 Feb 2019 — 10:00
h By Iria P. Gestal
15 Feb 2019 — 09:59

The specialized researcher in fairness, transparency and resilience of algorithmic systems addressed the challenges of machine learning in fashion during the first edition of Shaking Fashion.

h By MDS
14 Feb 2019 — 16:00

The president of the department store company is looking for a new CEO to lead the new stage of Sears. The group does not dismiss returning to the stock market.

h By Iria P. Gestal
14 Feb 2019 — 10:01

The company is about to open its first store in the capital, located in prime venue Ortega y Gasset, where it will share the street with Chanel and Valentino.

h By S. Riera
14 Feb 2019 — 10:00
A. Mannetti (IED): “Low price does not equal bad design”

Sociologist by training, Mannetti led the establishment of the Italian design school IED in Spain in 2002. At the beginning of this year, the company placed him at the forefront of the country, where he already has two centres, in Barcelona and Madrid.

h By S. Riera
13 Feb 2019 — 10:00

The European Commission has activated a new phase of the process of withdrawal of tariff benefits for this Asian country, the one that made the most progress in the implementation of collective bargaining in textiles.

h By Jaime Cevallos
13 Feb 2019 — 09:58
h By MDS
12 Feb 2019 — 13:00

The president of the US department store group acquired the part of the capital than he did not control until now after the bankruptcy judge of New York approved last week his rescue plan.

h By MDS
12 Feb 2019 — 12:00

The group sales reached 13.66 billion euros, 26.3% up versus the previous fiscal year, thanks to the evolution of its business in all the regions.

h By Iria P. Gestal
12 Feb 2019 — 10:00
h By Silvia Riera
11 Feb 2019 — 10:00

The largest groups of fashion distribution face a complex scenario in the first links in the value chain, that is, supply. The wages increase in Bangladesh puts even more pressure to the margins and leaves no way out: Ethiopia is far from the Asiatic country.

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