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The global fashion business journal

19 Aug 201912:49


h By Mds
16 Aug 2019 — 16:15
h By Mds
14 Aug 2019 — 18:00
Gap, PVH and VF take The Bangladesh Accord to India and Vietnam

Bestseller, Gap, Li&Fung, PVH, Target, VF Corporation or Target are some of the big fashion retailers that participate in the Life and Building Safety Initiative (Labs) platform to promote safety in the factories located in these countries.

h By Mds
14 Aug 2019 — 16:00
Eurozone reduces speed and grows 0.2% in the second quarter

Year-on-year the eurozone economy rised 1.1% according to the last data published today by the European Statistics Office, Eurostat.

h By Mds
14 Aug 2019 — 16:00

Industrial production in the country grew 4.8% in July compared to the same month in the previous year, and 1.5% less than the previous month. 

h By Mds
13 Aug 2019 — 18:31

The American government has stated that some of the new tariffs rise for the Chinese fashion imports, specifically apparel and footwear sectors, will be delayed until mid-December.  

h By Mds
13 Aug 2019 — 17:47

The German government has started a Grüner Knopt (green button in its German meaning) in which it would support all textile articles that follow certain social and environmental criteria.

h By Carmen Juárez/ Daniela García
09 Aug 2019 — 09:00

The Ethiopian economy will be the one with the biggest rise in the next two years in the sub-Saharan Africa, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

h By Silvia Riera/ Daniela García
07 Aug 2019 — 09:00

The global market of cotton and polyester has been in the middle of the trade war between China and United States during the last year. 

h By Mds
02 Aug 2019 — 16:16

The measure, that will become effective in September, adds to the 25% rate applied in May. Amongst the more affected is the sportswear industry. 

h By Mds
02 Aug 2019 — 16:00

Fashion retail in the eurozone reinforces its numbers after dropping 2.4% in May according to reports published by statistics agency, Eurostat.

h By Carmen Juárez/ Daniela García
01 Aug 2019 — 09:00

9.4% of the population of the eastern European country is between 25 and 29 years old, while 8.5% of citizens in Cyprus are in the same age range.

h By Iria P. Gestal/ Daniela García
25 Jul 2019 — 08:57

Geopolitical tensions are affecting consumers trust and the giants, specially luxury, started to point downfalls in the region.

h By Mds
23 Jul 2019 — 19:30

The entity anticipates a worst scenario for the global economy, with a rise of 3.2% this year and 3.5% for the next one, one pointer less of what was forecasted in April.

h By Mds
23 Jul 2019 — 08:54

The market has moved between downs and light rises in United States and in Europe´s main economies.  

h By I. P. G.
22 Jul 2019 — 09:57

The special administrative region is key for large companies in the sector, capitalization of Chinese tourism and throughout Asia and the purchasing power of its residents.

News on the latest macroeconomic indicators related to the textile- and fashion industry worldwide.