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Jul 18, 202410:40pm

Client vs finances, what rules decision-making?

Competence more than efficiency of the processes or climate change, in the decision-making of managers of large companies there are factors that weight more than others, according to the report CEO’s curbed confidence spell caution by PwC.

Jan 30, 2019 — 10:00am
C. Juárez

Client vs finances, what rules decision-making?



The client or the finances, which is more important to managers? According to the report CEO’s curbed confidence spell caution, prepared by PwC, the factors that weight the most in decision-making for managers are clients more than employees or the climate change.


But the relevance in the decision-making of the managers of each company varies depending on the interests of each organization. 95% of the executives surveyed for the report say they base their decisions on issues related to the client, on preferences or needs they have, while issues such as climate change or terrorism have the least weight at the moment of taking a decision.


The financial situation of the companies, the predictions and future projects of the groups are a priority for 92% of the managers surveyed. While data on external perception of the brand and reputation are in the third position, being key to another large percentage of managers.





The risk on being exposed to their competitors is another factor that determines decision-making for 87% of the managers from large organizations. The interests of their employees of the reference of competitors have a weight between 86% and 84%, in the choices of those responsible at companies.


Finally, the three factors that lead the bottom of the list in decision-making is the efficiency of processes, the value chain and the impact of climate change. Those issues, together with global political situations or terrorism, are less relevant for the decision-making of managers, according to the report.


The method of making a decision has also changed. The report points to artificial intelligence as one of the determining factors in business choices. That technology will be useful to simplify statistics and solve problems more easily through the search of patterns and systems that can be integrated.


According to the report, 85% of the managers surveyed affirm that the use of artificial intelligence will change the way of working over the next five years and that it will result in a greater revolution than the advent of Internet.

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