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Jun 23, 20245:38pm

Impatient and digital: consumer trends in 2019

The report Top 10 Global Consumer Trends, prepared annually by Euromonitor Consulting, underlines, as well, that consumers now are wiser and more self-sufficient.

Jan 25, 2019 — 9:58am
C. Juárez

Impatient and digital: consumer trends in 2019



The impatience and the technological interaction, two of the keys of the consumer’s behaviour in 2019. Top 10 Global Consumer Trends, the report, prepared annually by the Euromonitor Consulting, gathered the ten strongest consumer trends for 2019. The return to the basics, the concern for the environment, the self-sufficiency and the authenticity are some other behaviours that will identify consumers in 2019.


The report points out that the technology, the innovation and Internet revolutionize the manner in which society behaves. Now, the trend will increase to create a collective communication amongst the whole society through new platforms that creates a synergy and eliminates the barriers to integrate aspects like education or health.


In addition, the growing omnipresence of Internet, that currently reaches almost all regions in the world, will make the great global powers to take a step further and invest in new infrastructure and tools, like 5G or fibre-optic broadband, to completely connect all the regions in the globe.





According to the document, the need of the consumer to be increasingly connected will entail an incentive for specialized companies in the sector to develop more devices to permit connectivity within society. In this way, processes that require a physical presence, could move into the online sector or to digital alternatives.


People are busier than ever, according to Euromonitor. Moreover, they expect more and more from the companies they interact with and demand delivery services and availability as efficiently as possible. Therefore, they are making an increased use of applications that help them organize or tools to be efficient and avoid waiting situations.

Technology will also make part of these kind of behaviours of the consumer, especially among the youngest ones. Companies like Amazon, with the launch of Amazon Go, or Go Jek, an Indonesian supermarket of applications, have encouraged this kind of behaviours in consumers.





According to the report, the technological giants are prepared to capitalize that trend in the short term thanks to the use of big data and inversion in innovation. The small companies, on its behalf, will be able to join that trend by replicating the formula of the large companies or specializing in a market niche or specific service.


The rest of the trends about consumption in 2019 analysed by the report make reference to the need that society has to decrease the path of activity and timings in order to regain control and go back to the basics. The concern about the use of harmful materials to the environment, the elimination of generational gaps or the authenticity are other of the behaviours that will define the way of consuming in the following months.

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