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Jun 13, 20243:42pm

Turkey, king of near-sourcing while Portugal lags

The Eurasian country is about to tread Bangladesh, which defends the second position in the ranking for Spain’s main fashion suppliers, according to the last data gathered by Icex corresponding to the first three quarters of 2018.

Nov 22, 2018 — 10:00am
Silvia Riera

Turkey, king of near-sourcing while Portugal lags



Turkey is strengthening in proximity. Spain has highly increased the fashion imports from the Eurasian country during the first nine months of the year. Turkey secures the bronze medal among the main suppliers of textile, clothing, accessories, complements and footwear to Spain, and is about to tread Bangladesh in the second position. On the obverse side of the coin there is Portugal, which falls down to the ninth position in the classification.


Turkey has thus increased 10.7% its sales of textile articles, clothing items, complements, accessories and footwear to Spain during the first nine months of 2018, reaching 1.88 billion euros, as the data published by Icex.


With this advancement, Turkey is onto Bangladesh, despite the fact that fashion sales to Spain grew 8.2% during that period. Portugal, one of its rivals in proximity sourcing, loses importance in the ranking.




The Portuguese textile industry, confection and footwear step two spots down the classification of the main suppliers of Spanish fashion after shrinking a 14.4% its sales to the sector, reaching 792.4 million euros. Morocco has also secured its sixth position, with an advancement of 3.9%.


China is maintained invincible in the first position of the list, despite losing some strength. The Spanish imports to the sector coming from the Asiatic giant reduced 5.7% between January and September, standing at 4.15 billion euros. China still keeps a great distance from Bangladesh, the second in the ranking, whose sales to Spain ascended to 1.88 billion euros.


In the top part of the classification, Spanish purchases of fashion articles reduced too from Italy, with a decrease of 3.7%; from India, with a low of 6.9%, and from Germany, a reduction of 3.1%.





Contrarily, Spain’ fashion imports to Cambodia rose, and the country steps up three positions in the ranking and sneaks into the top ten. The Spanish purchases to the Asiatic South-East country grew 18,4% between January and September, reaching 593.7 million euros. Myanmar’s imports catapulted too, up 76%, reaching 201.7 million euros, despite the Rohingyas crisis.


In total, Spanish fashion imports during the first three months of 2018 advanced only 0.19% compared to the same period last year, being the lowest growth registered in the last five years. As per exports, they increased by 2.1%.



The United Kingdom, Poland, and China push exports forward

The United Kingdom, Poland, and China are pushing forward the foreign business of Spanish fashion. The sector seems not to be afraid of Brexit and promotes its exports to the British market during the first nine months of the year, up 10.4%, Spanish fashion sales to the country stood for the first time ever above the one billion euros.


Poland and China, on the other hand, continue advancing positions in the top ten of the main destinies for Spanish fashion, registering double-digit growths. In the case of the Polish market, exports increased by 12.1%, reaching 655 million euros. During the last five years, the Spanish sector’s sales to this country have multiplied by two between January and September.


China, for its part, has taken away from the Netherlands the ninth position. Spanish exports to the Asiatic giant took huge steps forward during the first quarter, increasing 14.3% and reaching 532.2 million euros. In the Netherlands, the increase was of 7.3%.

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