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Jun 13, 20247:13pm

No more textile benefits for Cambodia: EU cuts tariff privileges

As of mid-August, the Asian country will have to apply charges on exports of certain clothing and footwear products.

Feb 12, 2020 — 7:11pm

No more textile benefits for Cambodian: Europe removes its taxes benefits



No more textile benefits for Cambodia. The European Commission has decided to partially withdraw tariff preferences to the Asian country. The measure responds to the conclusions of a Brussels delegation sent to the country, that determined that the current ruling party in Cambodia outlawed the opposition just before the celebration of elections.


Starting in mid-August, the country will have to pay tariffs on exports of certain types of clothing and footwear. Until now, Cambodia enjoyed a zero tariff under the Everything but Arms (EBA) program. The measure will impact Cambodian exports of one billion euros and will be effective on August 12.


Josep Borrell, a high representative of the Commission for foreign policy said that “the duration, scale and impact of violations of rights to political participation and freedom of expression in Cambodia have left the European Union with the only option to partially withdraw the preferences”.


“The European Union will not stand still observing how democracy has been corroded, human rights restricted, and free debate silenced; for preferences to be reinstated, Cambodian authorities must take the necessary measures”, he added.





Europe has also considered strikes against labor rights. Earlier this year, companies such as Adidas, Levi Strauss, Ralph Lauren or Under Armor sent a letter to the country’s government to demand the alignment of labor rights with international standards to avoid losing trade preferences. 


Cambodia’s Prime Minister, Hun Sen, responded by saying that the country will not “bow down” to foreign demands, according to Reuters. “We want to be friends and partners of all the countries in the world but if they don’t understand us and want to force us, we don’t agree”, Hun Sen continued.

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samir sardana
30 Jul 2020 — 14:37
Investors have to read Khmer history - when assessing the supply chain and political risk in Cambodia.

Ultimately,Cambodia will become a SAR of the PRC. dindooohindoo

The Khmer nation was pillaged by looted,by the Thai and Vietnamese Kings. Large tracts of land and treasures, of the Khmer, are with the Thais and Viets.

This is the history of the Khmer,after the 1st invasion of Thais 1000 years ago.Thereafter came the French and Pol Pot and the US-Viet war.

Today the nation and economy and real estate of the Khmer,is owned by the Chinese,Viets and Thais - who hold KHMER PASSPORTS.

The Viets have taken over Khmer land and timber ( as a compensation for the war on the Khmer Rouge), There are millions of Viets settled in Khmer land - as traders - and not manufacturers or industrialists. They are also the hidden voters of Hun Sen and the eyes and ears of Viet Intelligence in Khmer land.

Hoon Sen has not raised the issue of the millions of Viet, in Khmer land - as they vote for him ! And Hoon Sen has not raised Khmer Krom with the Viet govtt, ever - not the land seized by the Viets !

Y ? Hoon Sen is a Viet spy and stooge.The Viet intel have dirt on Hoon Sen - w.r.t his work with Pol Pot and his collaboration with Viet Intel - when he was with the Khmer Rouge - and his extra-marital affairs, rapes,murders and mistresses.

The Viet contribution to the nation of the Khmer is Nil and if the Khmer cannot do, what the Viets do - then the Khmer do not deserve a nation.Even the Rubber and timber goes back to Vietnam for processing.

The Thais are on the Thai-Khmer border with rice mills and other industries,which run on the concessional power sold by the Thai Grid.Inspite of that,the marginal Thai Population is settled only near the border areas

The Chinese have built the infra,ports,SEZ,roads and whatever little industry exists in Khmer land.Like in Thailand - the Han Chinese control the trade, commerce, manufacturing etc.Even in so called Muslim nations like Indon-ass-eeah, all that works, from Railways to bureaucracy is due to the Han Chinese


Once Hun Sen dies,the Viets,Thai and Chinese will try to instal the son of Hun Sen - and if the Khmer people revolt (courtesy the CIA etc.),they will target the Viets in Cambodia,There are millions of Viets in Cambodia

That is Civil war - it is an inevitable,as is the death of Hun Sen.