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Apr 10, 20202:23am


Cfda keeps growing: close to 500 members

The fashion designers council of America incorporates 23 new designers and reaches 483 members.

Oct 17, 2019 — 9:00am

Cfda keeps growing: close to 500 members



The fashion designers council of America already has almost 500 members. The Council of Fashion Designers (Cfda), a non-profit association of the United States, announces the incorporation of 23 new designers to its internal staff, which sums a total of 483 members.


The council held a meeting on October 10 to elect its new members, which was attended by Tom Ford, the president of Cfda since June of this year, succeeding Diane von Furstenberg. The new members are chosen once a year after submitting their application and a portfolio of their work.



This year, the chosen ones have been: Nicola Glass, creative director of Kate Spade; Dion Lee, founder and creative director of his namesake brand; Jasmin Larian, founder and creative director of Cult Gaia; Michael Maccari, creative director of Perry Ellis; Mary Alice Malone, co-founder and creative director of Malone Souliers; and Kristopher Brock and Laura Vassar, founders of the Brock Collection.


To be a member of the council it is necessary to have worked for a minimum of three years in the fashion sector, whether in clothing or accessories, among other products. To be admitted to the council, candidates must be fashion designers, of US or foreign nationality, and their business headquarters must be in the United States for at least three years.

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