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Jul 25, 20249:13pm


h By Iria P. Gestal
Jan 29, 2019 — 10:01am

The uncertainty and the crisis in Venezuela affected the growth prospects in the region, which faces a key year after the changeover of power in Mexico and Brazil.

h By Silvia Riera
Jan 24, 2019 — 9:59am

The former Governor of Bank of Spain, Miguel Ángel Ordóñez, and José María Roldán, president of the Spanish Banking Association, warns about the risks in an economic environment that slowdowns the growth.

h By Mds
Jan 23, 2019 — 4:00pm

The British luxury company registered a revenue of 711 million pounds between September and December.

h By Iria P. Gestal
Jan 22, 2019 — 10:00am

The trade war and the downturn threaten the second world power, which sees its goal to surpass the United States as the first global power delayed.

h By C. Juárez
Jan 18, 2019 — 10:00am

The ACT project, boosted by IndustriAll Global Union, assigned Turkey to Inditex, Cambodia to H&M and Myanmar to C&A to coordinate the application of a sectoral collective bargaining.

h By Iria P. Gestal
Jan 15, 2019 — 9:57am

The first world power faces a complex year that could end with the country falling into recession, while the Government deals with the longest closing of its history.

h By Iria P. Gestal
Jan 14, 2019 — 10:00am

Eurozone economy will slowdown, although consumption will continue being robust. Fashion sales, on the contrary, will close in red in all the biggest markets.

h By Iria P. Gestal
Jan 11, 2019 — 4:00pm

Iganacio de la Torre, chief economist of consulting firm Arcano, underlined yesterday in a presentation that recession is not the same as “great recession”, like the one that started in 2008.

h By J.Cevallos
Jan 10, 2019 — 9:58am

The Actual Individual Consumption (AIC) by Eurostat underlines the advancement in consumption in countries undergoing a growing phase.

h By MDS
Jan 9, 2019 — 6:39pm

HSBC forecasts the luxury sector to slow down during the upcoming twelve months after the peak of 9% in 2018. However, the entity points out that the large groups of the sector will not be affected.

h By MDS
Jan 9, 2019 — 6:00pm

Yesterday during the last confrontations between demonstrators and police officers, one person died and approximately twenty were injured. The demonstrators claimed a higher increase of the minimum wage, which now is in 95 dollars.

h By Mds
Jan 9, 2019 — 10:00am

This raw material is the least used in retail industry, in which polyester and cotton still leads the market. Automobile and electronic is currently exploiting global production of polyamide.

h By MDS
Jan 8, 2019 — 12:00pm

The Turkish government has initiated an investigation and restricted nylon imports temporary, based on the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) regulations.

h By Iria P. Gestal
Jan 8, 2019 — 10:00am

Fashion business, one of the most global in the world, faces a changing environment, with an economic downturn and where protectionism threatens to mark the development of the two biggest world economies.

h By Iria P. Gestal
Jan 7, 2019 — 9:57am

Ethiopian economy will be the one growing the most this year in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) forecast, while Laos will lead the advancement in South-East Asia.

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