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Mar 30, 20206:07pm


Credit Suisse and Lombard Odier go greener

The two Swiss investments banks signed a deal to create a Sustainable Development Goals consumers fund, to promote responsible consumption.

Nov 13, 2019 — 9:00am

Credit Suisse and Lombard Odier hug sustainability


Credit Suisse and Lombard Odier boost green goals. The two Swiss investment banks have sealed an alliance to create a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) consumers fund that aims to invest in companies that promote responsible consumption.


The fund, called the Responsible Consumer Fund, is aimed to “invest in companies that want to make a paradigm shift towards more sustainable models of consumption and production”, said the bank in a statement.


“This fund is targeted at investors who are keen to align their investing with the topics they are passionate about and which they may already be supporting today with their consumer wallet,” stated Marisa Drew, chief executive officer of Credit Suisse’s advisory and finance department, in a statement.


The investment will aim at companies in four sectors, food, urban systems, supply chains and lifestyle. The companies will have to prove their potential in a range of Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) indicators, like carbon footprint and water use.

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