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The global fashion business journal

25 May 201906:01


h By S. Riera
18 Oct 2018 — 10:00

The European Commission has initiated the process to withdraw the access of the Asian country to the trade preference program Everything but Arms (EBA), but the final approval of member countries still misses.

h By L. Molina
16 Oct 2018 — 10:00

In the last edition of the World Economic Outlook report, the authority warns of dangers for mature economies such as the slower growth of labour force due to population aging or the end of fiscal stimuli in the United States.

h By MDS
11 Oct 2018 — 17:32

Representatives of textile industry workers in the country have started to contact big fashion retailers with local manufacturing sites to seek out supports for a Bangladesh Accord-like agreement.

h By M.B/ L.M.
08 Oct 2018 — 10:00

The South American country, with just 3.4 million inhabitants, has turned into the latest territory conquered by the Swedish group, which recently opened in Montevideo its first store in the Uruguayan market.

h By I. P. G./ L. M.
04 Oct 2018 — 10:00

In 2017, Spanish fashion groups were valued at about 6.6 times Ebitda, compared to a multiple of 9.7x in the previous year.

h By MDS
02 Oct 2018 — 17:30

The country, second largest manufacturer of shoes worldwide behind China, has lifted import tariffs on this product from 20% to 25%. The decision also affects taxes on precious stones and fuel. 

h By M. Bertero / L.M.
02 Oct 2018 — 10:00

The Mexican fashion industry will be one of the least affected sectors of the Mexican economy in the new United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement (Usmca).

h By MDS
01 Oct 2018 — 18:33

The new agreement between the three countries, named as Usmca, will substitute the former free trade agreement after a year of negotiations. It contemplates a reduction of textile and garment quotas that don’t comply with the rules of origin.

h By S. Riera / L. Molina
25 Sep 2018 — 10:00

The Asian country, main consumer of this raw material worldwide, could continue shaking up the market after applying tariffs to US cotton, the largest exporter globally.

h By S. Riera / L. Molina
24 Sep 2018 — 10:00

Levi Strauss, Gap, Nike, VF Corporation, PVH, Michael Kors or Ralph Lauren, with a strong dependence on China in its supply chain, could see their margins reduced by the new tariff policy of their country.

h By S. Riera / L. Molina
12 Sep 2018 — 10:00

The fear to trade wars and the increase on populist political parties, together with a greater uncertainty surrounding emerging economies will be some of the factors with a bigger impact on the financial system.

h By MDS
19 Jul 2018 — 18:00
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) points out in a report published today that “there will be no winners after Brexit”. If the United Kingdom maintains its access to the European single market despite leaving the customs union, the impact will be almost non-existent, with a 0.06% drop.
h By J.Cevallos / L. Molina
02 Jul 2018 — 10:00

The country is immersed in the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and the United States, in the midst of the global trade war unleashed by Donald Trump’s government.

h By MDS
25 Jun 2018 — 17:00

The UK’s environmental audit committee will analyse the carbon footprint and water consumption made by the fashion industry. The committee has begun to invite professionals from the sector for next September to discuss the topic.

h By MDS
18 Jun 2018 — 16:50

The United States did the first move and imposed tariffs worth 50 billion dollars to Chinese imports. China’s response was to apply rates of 25%.

News on the latest macroeconomic indicators related to the textile- and fashion industry worldwide.