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The global fashion business journal

Jul 3, 202012:45am


h By MDS
Feb 20, 2020 — 5:03pm

Fashion commerce in the British market has changed course in the first month of the year following the 3% decline in December.

h By C. J
Feb 19, 2020 — 9:00am

The Asian country is the second-largest focal point of the coronavirus epidemic, where the Diamond Princess cruise ship is docked and holds a hundred infected individuals.

h By MDS
Feb 18, 2020 — 6:25pm

In January, the country's fashion exports registered a year-on-year increase of 5.8%, according to the latest data from the Istanbul Apparel Exporters Association (Ihkib).

h By I. P. G.
Feb 18, 2020 — 9:00am

From factories to fairs, the epidemic has put the entire value chain of the fashion business in check, and its impact is still uncertain.

h By MDS
Feb 14, 2020 — 5:03pm

Vietnam recorded a 9.6% increase in its fashion exports to North America while Bangladesh’s sales to the US market plummeted by 1.8% in the last year.

h By Tatiana Ngo Bii
Feb 14, 2020 — 9:00am

Shaw is a fashion sourcing consultant with an extensive experience in the fashion industry, especially in the region of Africa. The consultant works with small and medium sized enterprises and even government organizations who seek to start a business in Africa.

h By MDS
Feb 12, 2020 — 7:11pm

As of mid-August, the Asian country will have to apply charges on exports of certain clothing and footwear products.

Feb 12, 2020 — 8:41am

From the 413 million tons of cellulose fiber that is produced annually, 184 million tons come from virgin wood fiber. 

Feb 11, 2020 — 9:00am

Logistic restrictions have been implemented due to the epidemic put production and shipments in check from the largest clothing factory in the world. The country exports 157.8 billion dollars in clothing each year.

h By F. T. NGO BII
Feb 11, 2020 — 8:53am

American fashion groups have gone from having a 50% share in the top ten fashion retailers to 40% according to the Global Powers of Retailing, which features 250 largest retailers across the world.

h By F. T. Ngo Bii
Feb 10, 2020 — 8:57am

Groups like Nike, Burberry or Capri, which have one of their main markets in China, have already anticipated the impact that the crisis will have on their annual accounts. 

h By C. Juárez
Feb 6, 2020 — 9:00am

In the eurozone countries, last year, the sector recovered with a 0.3% growth following the drop in 2018, according to data from the European statistical agency Eurostat.

h By MDS
Feb 5, 2020 — 7:45pm

The retail fashion commerce in Europe suffers a year-on-year drop of 0.2% in December, according to Eurostat data.

h By C. J.
Feb 5, 2020 — 8:47am

Last week, France announced that it will ban companies in the fashion sector from destroying unsold items. The French Government follows in the footsteps of the United Kingdom or the city of New York.

h By T. F. Ngo Bii
Feb 4, 2020 — 9:00am

In a span of ten years, American companies have been progressively battling to gain more shares in the fashion sector, the percentage grew from a shy 20% to 50%.

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