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The global fashion business journal

19 Jul 201904:10


h By S. Riera
13 May 2019 — 12:00

The United States will continue to be the world’s biggest exporter of this raw material in the ongoing campaign although the Asian giant has kept tariff rates of 25% on its imports from July 2018.

h By S. Riera
06 May 2019 — 10:01

Births will be stagnated in the coming decades at the same time that life expectancy will grow: the average age of the population, which currently is 30 years old, will stand at 41 at the end of the century.

h By S. Riera
03 May 2019 — 10:00

In three years, the Vietnamese Government approved three wage rises: 7.3% in 2017, 6.5% in 2018 and 5.3% in 2019, according to a report prepared by the Fair Labor Association.

h By Iria P. Gestal
22 Apr 2019 — 10:00

Once one of the PIGs, it led a recovery described by the experts as astonishing and is today the fastest growing economy in the euro area.

h By C. Juárez
21 Mar 2019 — 10:00

Yesterday the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) named Tom Ford its new president. Ford replaces Diane von Fustenberg’s position, who took over the presidency in 2006.

h By MDS
20 Mar 2019 — 18:00

Tom Ford will take office next June at the request of all designer and will replace Diane von Fustenberg, who held the post since 2006.

h By Iria P. Gestal
19 Mar 2019 — 10:00

The region, which was rapidly transformed in the 1990s, has slowed down its economic development in recent years.

h By Iria P. Gestal
12 Mar 2019 — 10:00

The continent faces this year three litmus tests: elections to the European Parliament, Brexit (for now without an agreement) and downturn.

h By MDS
11 Mar 2019 — 19:00

February registered the weakest figures of the last five years, and it was the fifteenth consecutive month with a downward trend, according to Springboard.

h By MDS
07 Mar 2019 — 14:30

The growth was boosted by a positive contribution in the household consumption expenditure, which rose by 0.3% in the European Union and 0.2% in the Euro area.

h By MDS
06 Mar 2019 — 18:00

Germany and Italy will be the most affected European countries by the economic downturn, according to the entity’s forecasts.

h By Modaes
05 Mar 2019 — 10:00

The American giant believes that India maintains in force trade barriers that stop international trade, while Turkey has already reached enough economic development.

h By María Bertero
01 Mar 2019 — 08:59

Of the four largest economies in the region, Colombia was the only one that improved its performance in the last year, while Mexico slowed down, Brazil stagnated and Argentina entered into recession.

h By Iria P. Gestal
26 Feb 2019 — 00:00

Instability, corruption, infrastructures and barely diversified economies are the obstacles for the economic development in the eternal promise of the world.

h By I. P. Gestal / P. Riaño
25 Feb 2019 — 10:19

The World Trade Organization’s (WTO) World Trade Outlook Indicator registered in February its lowest level since March 2010.

News on the latest macroeconomic indicators related to the textile- and fashion industry worldwide.