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The global fashion business journal

19 Jul 201904:07


h By MDS
06 Jun 2019 — 15:00

United States president is planning to increase the current tariffs rate in 100,000 million, although he thinks that China will seek an agreement.

h By MDS
06 Jun 2019 — 14:00

In the whole European Union, the economy grew 0.5% between January and March regarding previous quarter. Home’s consume incremented 0.5% in the continent during first three months of 2019.

h By Arturo Juárez
04 Jun 2019 — 11:00

The continent launches a free trade agreement signed by 55 countries, whose productive industries and services sector will be favored from it. South Africa, Morocco and Tunisia are some of the countries in the region that consume the most.

h By Iria P. Gestal
03 Jun 2019 — 10:00

Six of the ten companies with a worst evolution within the trading floor the latest month have their headquarters in the first world power. The selective, which beat records in April, loses again the barrier of the 19,000 points.

h By I. P. Gestal
30 May 2019 — 10:00

As stated by the third edition of El Informe de la moda online en España, made by with the collaboration of Kantar and the sponsorship of Prodware.

h By MDS
28 May 2019 — 16:45

In the middle of a pulse between both territories, Washington administration has excluded the Euroasian country from the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP).

h By Arturo Juárez
24 May 2019 — 09:00

European electors are voting this week to choose their representatives in the European Parliament, whose voice will be key in the following five years on sector’s evolution.

h By MDS
21 May 2019 — 19:30

The global growth is starting to stabilize at “a moderate level”, after slowing the climb on 2018. The OECD also states that global economy will grow a 3.4% by 2020.

h By MDS
21 May 2019 — 12:55

170 companies have sent a letter to the US president, Donald Trump, asking him not to include the footwear into list of Chinese products that could be affected by the tariffs of 25%, that the US want to implement.

h By S. Riera
21 May 2019 — 10:35

From Moody’s Investors Service it is explained that the profitability of many traditional retailers is under pressure while they reduce prices to stop the sales volume drop.

h By S. R.
20 May 2019 — 10:30

Last bastion of BRIC has closed six weeks of polls to choose the new country’s president, which result will be announced the following Thursday, after the count.

h By S. Riera
17 May 2019 — 11:00

Its 26 dollars monthly salary turns the country into one of the most competitive ones for clothing manufactures, but when is starting to awake interest within the retail’s giants, Ethiopia need to choose its industrial model.

h By MDS
15 May 2019 — 18:00

The economy of Eurozone countries doubled its expansion rate regarding the last semester of 2018, when it increased a 0.2%. The growth was of a 0.5% in the whole European Union.

h By S. Riera
15 May 2019 — 11:00

Within the 6% of global productive activity, it is the seventh bigger manufacture sector, being ahead from wood and paper, the pharma and the plastic, according to Euromonitor International.  

h By Modaes
13 May 2019 — 16:00

The company, in charge of e-commerce platforms Dafiti, Zalora, Lamoda and The Iconic and owned by Rocket Internet and Kinnevik, has registered a turnover of 261 million euros in the first three months of the annual exercise.

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