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The global fashion business journal

24 Mar 201910:26

Back Stage

h By MDS
09 Jan 2019 — 10:10

Alfred Vernís, Sustainability Academic Director at Inditex, will be responsible of the closure of the upcoming edition of the congress, which will be held on 5 February in Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC).

h By Pilar Riaño
02 Jan 2019 — 10:00

Throughout the next twelve months, the fashion industry will have to look for the model with which it will face the future. New markets, new values, new distribution and, mainly, new clients, will all determine the industry of fashion around the world.

h By Carmen Juárez
28 Dec 2018 — 05:00
From Dogi to Nextil, from Grupo Cortefiel to Tendam or from Michael Kors to Capri. These were some of the fashion companies whose names have changed throughout 2018. The objective? Adapt to new times and update identities.
h By Iria P. Gestal
28 Dec 2018 — 04:58

From Hollywood to Spain, 2018 will go down in history as the year in which women raised their voices. The exposure of victims and harassers with first and last popular names has exposed the dirt of sectors such as cinema or fashion.

h By S. Riera
24 Dec 2018 — 10:56

Until now, fashion titans have been trying out circularity with small lines and collections. However, in 2018, they have set it at their strategies’ core. Political and social pressures have put the sector under the spotlight.

h By S. Riera
24 Dec 2018 — 10:38

The boom of ecommerce has changed the rules of logistics. Traditional storages are no longer of use to escalate the management of individualised and personalised shipping in record time. The logistics of the future are based in robots, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

h By Iria P. Gestal
21 Dec 2018 — 10:00

The world’s capital of lifestyle and casual reclaims itself, too, as a luxury mecca. Groups like Coach and Michael Kors (reconverted into Tapestry and Capri, respectively) advance by force of their check book to threaten the reign of Paris. En grade, monsier Arnault. 

h By Silvia Riera
20 Dec 2018 — 09:50

The marketing professor at EAE Business School points out that fashion has been made banal, entering a spiral of low prices and informal style.

h By C. Juárez
17 Dec 2018 — 16:00

The high-end fashion sector continues to enlarge its valuation in base to the multiple of 12.2 in 2017 and to ten times its ebitda in 2016, according to the report The Luxury and Cosmetics Financial Factbook 2018.

h By MDS
14 Dec 2018 — 16:00

The Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities headed by Alberto Bonisoli has announced the creation of a task force to study how to make of fashion an Italian cultural heritage.

h By C. Juárez
12 Dec 2018 — 10:00

In an environment of digitalisation and irruption of technologies, data analysis will be a lifesaver for fashion companies according to the report Geek meets chic: four actions to jump-start advanced analytics in apparel, by Mckinsey. 

360 View and a new calendar: the keys of big data in fashion

h By Mds
10 Dec 2018 — 09:57

In 2017, this segment produced 453 billion euros all around the world, and it is expected that, in 2021, the figure will escalate up to 510 billion euros, according to the report Luxury and cosmetics financial factbook, by EY. 

h By C. Juárez
05 Dec 2018 — 10:00

The travel retail market has tripled its size since 2002. However, the expenses of passengers have reduced in their figure during the last five years, according to report Why Travel Retail Needs an Upgrade, carried out by Boston Consulting Group.

h By Silvia Riera
04 Dec 2018 — 10:00

Gustavo García Brusilovsky is Klikin&Waylet’s CEO. The executive, founder of BuyVIP, reflects on the transformation of e-commerce’s fashion sector in a situation of change.

h By Silvia Riera
03 Dec 2018 — 10:00

The taxation changes induced by e-commerce has made Brussels ultimately define a legal framework that ensures a fair and competitive game for all its players.

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