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The global fashion business journal

19 Sep 201922:54

Back Stage

h By Mds
22 Aug 2019 — 16:35

More than twenty fashion and luxury giants confirmed their attendance to the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France to create a path towards a more sustainable industry.

h By Silvia Riera/ Daniela García
22 Aug 2019 — 09:00

After three decades on the low, the industry started reassembling and picks up its pieces to face a new era of sustainability and digitalization. 

Industry picks up its pieces after the fall, to face a new era or sustainability and digitalization. The brake out that came after the financial crisis ended up with the closure of companies that where already crashed after two decades of the delocalization of manufacturing. Closures continued during the economical crisis, as well as restructurations and acquisitions. With this last move, the industry put a stop of three decades on the low.

h By Iria P. Gestal/ Daniela García
21 Aug 2019 — 09:00

Sport has marked the pace of fashion during the last ten years, establishing a division line between fashion and sportswear is more complicated today than it was ten years ago.

h By Silvia Riera/ Daniela García
15 Aug 2019 — 09:00

Part of the Boston Consulting Group since 2014, Javier Seara is one of the co-authors of the Pulse of the Fashion Industry report, that measures the advance of sustainability in the fashion industry and its different systems.

h By Iria P. Gestal/ Daniela García
13 Aug 2019 — 09:00

Groups like Hermès, Chanel or Kering took control of its suppliers years ago to face a triple threat: lack of resources, velocity and sustainability.

h By Mds
12 Aug 2019 — 09:00

From Marks&Spencer to Asics, fashion retail giants continue scanning the market on the look for business projects to add to their corporations.

h By Silvia Riera/ Daniela García
08 Aug 2019 — 09:00

Career, fashion blogger. Fashion lovers, brands, runway shows, magazines, models and designers stopped being watchers to being one more player in the game.

h By Silvia Riera/ Daniela García
06 Aug 2019 — 09:00

For fashion to move forward in sustainability there is only one method: turn around the system.

h By María Bertero/ Daniela García
01 Aug 2019 — 08:57

The CEO of the optical giant points that the tendency in the sector is the clustering of companies to join forces.

h By Mds
30 Jul 2019 — 19:34

American ecommerce giant has launched a personal shopper service, that combines algorithms and personal stylists to select the best closet pieces for its clients.

h By Carmen Juárez/ Daniela García
26 Jul 2019 — 15:00

Zara, Ynap, Clarks or Burberry are some of the companies that interact with their clients through social media channels, to make customer service, more personalized.

h By Carmen Juárez/ Daniela García
25 Jul 2019 — 08:56

Fashion companies are feeling the pressure because of margin reductions. However, according to McKinsey, they don’t make proper use of technological resources to fix the situation.

h By Carmen Juárez/ Daniela García
25 Jul 2019 — 08:54

Daniel Sánchez is the CEO of Influencity, a data analysis agency for the creation of influencer campaigns.

h By Carmen Juárez/ Daniela García
24 Jul 2019 — 08:57

Italian luxury house was involved in a polemic after the creation of a campaign in the Asian country that involved a Chinese model eating pasta with chopsticks.

h By Mds
22 Jul 2019 — 19:50

Amongst the guidelines that the foundation suggests it’s the traceability to achieve a more ethic product, the elimination of dangerous chemical products or tags with clear instructions.

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