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Jan 20, 20218:44pm


h By mds
Jan 7, 2020 — 4:18pm

The chief executive officer of the group, Maela Mandeli, plans to “energize” the image of the brand after QuatrrroR acquired 60% of the stakes of the company last year.  

h By MDS
Jan 7, 2020 — 4:01pm
Sergio Pedreiro will join the American-based cosmetic group as chief operating officer, with the aim of restructuring and transforming the company’s operations.
h By mds
Jan 7, 2020 — 4:00pm

The American cosmetic company, which acquired a majority stake in the brand last November, has created a new roadmap for the company with a new chief executive officer.  

h By Tatiana Ngo Bii
Jan 7, 2020 — 9:00am
The LVMH owned brand will seek new opportunities in Northern America announced the retail director of Americas, Dustin Martin. 
h By P. R.
Jan 7, 2020 — 8:57am

The American fashion company operates with one factory in the United States, around twenty in Asia, a dozen in Italy, one in Spain and Peru. 

h By mds
Jan 6, 2020 — 4:33pm

The British company Bonmarché, that hired FRP Advisory to handle its administration process in October, has stated that the company’s creditors may not recover much of the money they are owed. 

h By mds
Jan 6, 2020 — 4:00pm

The French luxury company has planned to close its store in Times Square mall in Causeway Bay shopping district amidst protests in the region. 

h By Mds
Jan 4, 2020 — 7:15pm

The company sealed the deal with a board meeting today, it says in a feeling. Avon shareholders own 27.3% of the combined company’s capital.

h By Mds
Jan 4, 2020 — 7:00pm

Avon CEO Jan Zijderveld will step down and Angela Cretu will take the role. Roberto Marques will become new CEO of the group.

h By MDS
Jan 3, 2020 — 4:48pm

Yolanda Zobel had joined the futuristic French brand in February 2018, she quits Courrèges to focus on new creative projects.

h By MDS
Jan 3, 2020 — 4:03pm

The British group of department stores wants to take advantage of the sportswear trend to revert their fashion business.

h By T. Ngo Bii / A. Rosales
Jan 3, 2020 — 9:00am

Companies such as Colombian Studio F and Cueros Vélez are commencing their expansion outside of Latin America in Spain. They add up to widely expanded groups like Havaianas or Leonissa.

h By MDS
Jan 2, 2020 — 5:13pm

The Austrian cellulosic fiber producer and Duratex will jointly open a pulp plant in Brazil by 2022. The factory will cover an area of 44,000 hectares and produce up 500,000 tons of wood pulp annually.

h By MDS
Jan 2, 2020 — 4:03pm

Richard Barker, the first executive of the Canadian group, wishes to raise the value of the buyout to eleven Canadian dollars by actions, the same amount that was offered by Catalyst Capital Group and was rejected by the board last December.

h By MDS
Jan 2, 2020 — 8:57am

In 2008, 43.5% of the group's suppliers were within the common market. Ten years later, its share dropped to 24.6%.

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