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The global fashion business journal

24 Mar 201909:46


h By Pilar Riaño
18 Dec 2018 — 10:00

The Spanish giant shaped its size all through last fiscal year, first with the announcement of its network of stores and then with its jump online.

h By MDS
17 Dec 2018 — 17:30

In the fourth quarter, the group gained impulse with 12% rise of sales, reaching 56.42 billion Swedish kronor (5.5 billion euros), its best quarter in three years.

h By Pilar Riaño
17 Dec 2018 — 10:00
In the decade that lasted the global financial crisis, fashion has had its eyes covered before its own model and structural crisis. The main problem? Desafection.

h By Iria P. Gestal
14 Dec 2018 — 10:00

The group has released Zalando Privé in the country, its platform for stocks sale exhibition. The offers last from three to five days and among the brands included are Adidas and Pepe Jeans.

h By Mds
13 Dec 2018 — 17:00

Nowadays, about 20% of fashion purchases are done through the Internet, according to the research Dressed for Digital: The Next Evolution In Fashion Marketing carried out by consultant Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS).

h By Pilar Riaño
13 Dec 2018 — 10:00

The Spanish fashion group’s gross margin surpassed for the first time the 60% since 2015. “We have answered to a volatile and challenging background without discounts”, explained Pablo Isla.

h By I. P. Gestal
13 Dec 2018 — 09:57

Moodys rating for the Spanish bridalwear giant stands at B3, that is with “high credit risk”, and a stable outlook. In the past year, the company has changed hands and hired a new managing team.

h By MDS
12 Dec 2018 — 11:30

The group ends the first nine months of the fiscal year (comprehended between February and October) with a volume of business of 18.43 billion euros, up by 3%. 

h By MDS
12 Dec 2018 — 11:15

Pablo Isla announced last September his plans to sell online all around the world by 2020. The first step was the release of an online platform with which it reached 106 new markets in November.

h By MDS
12 Dec 2018 — 11:02

Even though in base to October 2017, almost all chains shrunk their network of stores, during the third quarter (the one that comprehends the majority of openings) Inditex added twenty new stores up.

h By MDS
12 Dec 2018 — 11:00

The company’s top chain, Zara, has opened up five new stores in the North American market during the first nine months of the fiscal year in Denver, New York, Portland, New Orleans and California.

h By MDS
11 Dec 2018 — 16:45

The American company has named Stefano Saccone, until now manager of the Eastpack brand in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to pilot Vans in the same regions.

h By I. P. Gestal
10 Dec 2018 — 10:00

The group is facing a litmus test in its quarterly results after a weak half-year and during full transformation of its business model.  

h By I. P. Gestal
07 Dec 2018 — 10:00

 The chain from the Inditex group has signed a partnership with Perseida, property of Spanish Christian Lay, to develop a five perfumes line that is already in stores. 

h By MDS
04 Dec 2018 — 16:30

In 2014, Blackstone acquired 6.9 million shares from the footwear company after an investment of 200 million dollars (176.2 million euros).

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