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The global fashion business journal

24 Mar 201909:46


h By Iria. P. Gestal
03 Jan 2019 — 10:00

Mercedes Gorriti, who took over the manager position in womenswear in 2015, was part of Spanish childrenswear brand Gocco’s founder team and was assistant manager in the retail section in Continente before signing up with the department store’s group.

h By Mds
02 Jan 2019 — 17:00

The French fashion company, property of the group Modacin, has signed an agreement in which the brand will be now owned by its creditors, among them the investment funds Farallon, Carval and CVC, after not being able to face its debt.

h By Modaes
27 Dec 2018 — 10:40

The Spanish fashion company sets its sight in Chile, where it already gathers a total of 55 points of sale in collaboration with Falabella. The company’s plans for the territory are aimed at its settlement in the country’s main cities.

h By María Bertero
27 Dec 2018 — 10:00
Whilst Retail Apocalypse was taking over the northern hemisphere, Latin American fashion giants reacted in time. They started to accelerate their omnichannel strategies taking advantage of the low penetration that titans like Amazon have, for now, in the region. 
h By Jaime Cevallos
26 Dec 2018 — 10:00

American department stores are deeply immersed in restructuring processes compelled by the brick crisis and the rise of pure players. 

h By Modaes
24 Dec 2018 — 10:18

The Belgic designer’s creative proposal for recent collections was not well received by the group’s leadership who regarded it as expensive, extravagant and distant from the brand’s DNA.

h By MDS
21 Dec 2018 — 16:30

The fashion retail giant created the joint venture named TreeToTextile along with Ikea and Lars Stigsson to industrialise the production of sustainable fibres.

h By MDS
21 Dec 2018 — 16:00

The sports fashion titan from America raised its volume of business up to 19.32 billion dollars (16.9 billion euros) from June to November

h By S. Riera
20 Dec 2018 — 10:00

El Corte Inglés shelves one of the most challenging years of its history. Caught in the middle of an internal battle, the group has refinanced a debt of 3.65 billion, has carried out its first issuance of bonds and has let foreign investors take a stake in the company.

h By MDS
19 Dec 2018 — 18:00

The department stores company declared its bankruptcy last October as well as its restructuring plan, which includes a reduction of the network of stores.

h By MDS
19 Dec 2018 — 16:00

The French luxury company, after making a recent announcement that it will no longer use fur for its collections, has just taken a stake in Sulapac, a Finnish group that produces biodegradable materials.

h By C. Juárez
19 Dec 2018 — 10:00

The giants of the sector have reconsidered their models this last year due to an environment of transformation characterised by the fall of profitability and the deceleration of fashion consumption.

h By P. Riaño
19 Dec 2018 — 09:57

The second biggest fashion retailer in Spain appointed Toni Ruiz as general manager. The executive will be in charge of correcting the group’s evolution resorting to the online business. 

h By MDS
18 Dec 2018 — 17:00

The fashion company predicts to achieve this figure both by opening directly operated stores as through huge franchises and, parallelly, it will close small sized ones.

h By MDS
18 Dec 2018 — 16:00

The company specialised in clothes and sports has announced several acquisition projects which it expects to close during the first quarter of the next year.

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