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Feb 19, 20208:37am


Feb 13, 2020 — 9:00am

The founder of Desigual appeared before the media yesterday and reviewed for the first time the past, present, and future of the company. “what have we done wrong? Not bringing enough innovation to the market,” he lamented.

h By MDS
Feb 12, 2020 — 6:17pm

The Swiss manufacturer of perfumes bought 4.68% of the French company. Firmenich also invested in the company last September.

h By MDS
Feb 12, 2020 — 5:43pm

The decline is due to the agreement reached with the Italian tax agency and the 1.18 billion euros in extraordinary grain recorded in 2018 for the sale of Puma. 

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Feb 12, 2020 — 5:03pm

The company will pay 1.28 billion euros (1.4 billion dollar), overtaking Advent fund, who was said to be neck-in-neck in securing the deal. The objective is for the sale to close this mid-February.

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Feb 12, 2020 — 4:43pm

The high-performing outdoor clothing company and apparel maker has filed a lawsuit in California against OC Media, a Wyoming-based local brand for infringing its trademarks with the ‘Petrogonia’ clothing line.  

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Feb 12, 2020 — 4:03pm

Both companies have had a coexistence agreement since 1980 by which they could both operate in the same markets. The accusation highlights unfair competition, breach of contract, and trademark violation

h By IRIA P. GESTAL / F. T Ngo Bii
Feb 12, 2020 — 9:00am

Dockers main European market is Spain, which covers 50% of its business in the continent. France, Turkey and Spain represent 80% of sales in Europe.

Feb 12, 2020 — 8:47am

Valerio Parisi joined Luxottica in 2015 and since September 2016 he oversaw Spain and Portugal. Now, the executive has been appointed vice president of sales in North America.

h By MDS
Feb 11, 2020 — 7:57pm

The group’s revenue stood at 5.3 million dollars, while its earnings reached 92 million dollars, compared to the red ink of the previous year.

h By MDS
Feb 11, 2020 — 5:43pm

Ajay Kavan will succeed Ulric Jerome, who left the company in August 2019, three years after his signing. The executive joined Amazaon back in March 2011, his latest position in Amazon is that of vice president of international projects since August 2018.

h By MDS
Feb 11, 2020 — 5:11pm

The British group of department stores has appointed Eoin Tonge to take over the position as financial officer, a role that David Surdeau assumed on an interim basis on January 3 after Humphrey Singer’s exit in December.

h By MDS
Feb 11, 2020 — 5:02pm

The American company was founded in 2017 and reached sales of about twenty million dollars. The eyewear company specializes in collaborations with influencers and famous personalities.

h By MDS
Feb 11, 2020 — 4:43pm

The Italian fashion company closes 2019 with 1.6 million euros (1.7 billion dollars) of revenue and 361 million euros of profit, according to data published by Moncler.

h By I. P. G.
Feb 11, 2020 — 8:56am

The US giant has named Monica San Jose as the new vice president of sales for Kontoor Brands for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

h By MDS
Feb 10, 2020 — 6:09pm

This year, the American designer will perform outside the official calendar and present his winter collection during the month of April.

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