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The global fashion business journal

27 May 201914:24


h By MDS
13 Mar 2019 — 18:58

The Italian group registered a revenue of 1.34 billion euros in its last fiscal year, while its net profit stood at 90.1 million euros.

h By MDS
13 Mar 2019 — 18:12

The US company specialized in sports fashion and equipment obtained a 102.5 million dollars profit and its sales stood in 2.49 billion dollars.

h By MDS
13 Mar 2019 — 18:00

The German group had a revenue of 21.91 billion euros, a 3% rise, attributed to the growth in Asia and North America. The profit increased due to a greater impact of taxation.

h By MDS
13 Mar 2019 — 16:04

The Spanish giant of fashion distribution presents the sales result of both concepts together and will start selling Zara Home products in Zara’s online store from next autumn.

h By MDS
13 Mar 2019 — 10:00

The group had a revenue of 3.2 billion euros through electronic commerce. In the countries that have online store, the channel represents 14% of sales.

h By MDS
13 Mar 2019 — 09:00

Zara’s owner group registers a worse evolution than previous years but manages to rise its margin by four tenths.

h By MDS
13 Mar 2019 — 08:59

The group will distribute 32 million euros among the workforce in its Extraordinary Profit-Sharing Plan. As of 2019, the incentive will be tied to sales growth.

h By MDS
12 Mar 2019 — 17:00

The Italian group registered a profit valued in 47.1 million euros during the last fiscal year, while its sales stood at 940.9 million euros.

h By S. Riera
12 Mar 2019 — 09:59

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country registered in the fourth quarter of 2018 a fall of 2.4% compared to the previous quarter, falling into technical recession for the first time since 2009.

h By MDS
11 Mar 2019 — 18:30

The German Government maintains that the country will grow by two tenths below the 1% announced at the end of January by Peter Altmaier, the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy.

h By MDS
11 Mar 2019 — 17:00

The United States company revealed today that it will offer between 14 and 16 dollars per share, giving the company a value of up to 6.17 billion dollars.

h By MDS
11 Mar 2019 — 15:45

The owner of Sports Direct wants to take control of the department store company, of which already has 30% of the shares. The new loan will help the company underpin its restructuring plan.

h By Pilar Riaño
11 Mar 2019 — 10:01

The company will present next Wednesday the results of fiscal year 2018, the first after completing the restructuring of its network of stores and in full transformation into becoming online operator.

h By MDS
08 Mar 2019 — 16:00

The main shareholder of the British distribution group announced its intention to leave the position of the chain of stores to relaunch the department stores operator, owned in 30%.

h By MDS
07 Mar 2019 — 17:00

The German company closed the year with a revenue of 2.79 billion euros, boosted by sales in its online platform, which exceeded one 100 million euros.

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