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The global fashion business journal

16 Jan 201908:44


h By Mds
03 Dec 2018 — 16:17
The results gathered by some of the brand’s lines have not met the expectations of PVH which, for 2019, predicts to go back to more commercial and affordable collections
h By MDS
30 Nov 2018 — 17:00

At the beginning of the week, the company announced drastic changes within its structure, like the reduction of seven positions from its board or the suppression of 40% of jobs in its headquarters, to name a few.

h By MDS
30 Nov 2018 — 16:30

The presidents from the three countries have signed today in the Argentinean city of Buenos Aires a new trade agreement that substitutes NAFTA. The treaty still needs to be ratified by all three countries.

h By MDS
29 Nov 2018 — 17:00

The Spanish group of department stores and the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba have signed a partnership that addresses from trade agreements to technologic ones in order to speed up digitalisation.

h By I. P. Gestal / P. Riaño
29 Nov 2018 — 10:00

The women’s fashion company has filed for Spanish chapter 11 (concurso de acreedores). Several investors are interested in the group, including former Pronovias CEO  Andrés Tejero. 

h By MDS
27 Nov 2018 — 17:00

The fashion company has traced a restructuration plan after several low fiscal years on a row. In 2018, the company boosted its sales up to 2.55 billion dollars (11.1 million euros).

h By MDS
27 Nov 2018 — 16:00

The company, immersed in a deep process of restructuration, wants to “focus on the core business”, according to a statement they have released. Eighty employees will be affected by the closure.

h By Iria P. Gestal
27 Nov 2018 — 10:00

The designation is produced just two months after Font’s step down, who was the creative director of the firm after the passing of the designer who gave it its name.

h By Iria P. Gestal
27 Nov 2018 — 09:55

The company ended fiscal 2017 (concluded the 31st of August 2017, before enterin Spain), with a revenue of 410 million euros and a net profit of 12.6 million in the European market.

h By MDS
26 Nov 2018 — 17:52

Until now, the London e-commerce group owned by Richemont has managed online sales platforms of brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent or Bottega Veneta.

h By Mds
26 Nov 2018 — 17:30

The Japanese fashion group, which is carrying out an expansion strategy over the European continent, will be present after this opening in a total of ten markets from the region.

h By Mds
26 Nov 2018 — 17:00

The sportswear industry will grow an annual 5% on average until 2023 embraced by technological advancements that will improve the sports performance of users

h By Mds
23 Nov 2018 — 18:55

The closures of Britain’s independent fashion stores are in line with the evolution of traditional retail in the country, which ended June with a net loss of 1,554 new stores.

h By Mds
23 Nov 2018 — 17:30
The last data gathered by indicator Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) carried out by theconsultant IHS Market confirm Europe’s economy stagnation.
h By Mds
22 Nov 2018 — 18:30
The fashion event from London will establish a free transfer to unite London’s fashion fairs. For2019, it will connect Pure and Scoop, and for 2020, Jacket Require will also be included.

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